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Hot House

Pumping iron makes Connor Kline’s dick hard. Tricked out in athletic gear and a jockstrap, the young stud does his curls with his raging hardon standing straight up in the air. Little does he know that his buddy Doug Acre is watching him from the shadows, stroking his own big fat cock. Doug approaches Connor and takes his big meat in his mouth. The muscular jock swallows Connor’s cock to the base then kicks back so Connor can worship his monster cock. Connor takes his time licking and sucking Doug’s cock until he can’t wait any longer; he needs that fat rod up his ass. Connor jumps up and lowers his giant bubble-butt down on Doug’s dick. He bounces up and down on his teammate’s cock then lies back so Doug can get in there and really pound his hole. Doug fucks a load out of Connor then pulls out and shoots a thick stream of cum straight up into the air.

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Lucas Entertainment

Blake Daniels knows how to rock a Nasty Pig jockstrap. His tall and lean body compliments the bulge in the pouch of the jock — it’s no wonder Blue Bailey fell in love with the stud! As two hot boyfriends should, they start making out and grinding their hard packages against one another before Blue can’t wait anymore and takes out Blake’s hard cock for a sucking. The action turns into a sixty-nine where Blake sucks on Blue while Blue eats out Blake’s ass through the jockstrap. Blake is the first to take raw cock — he bends over and braces for Blue to slide in him deep before thrusting his cock like a gay bareback porn star champ! After Blue is done, Blake gets his dick wet. Blue is partial to treating Blake’s dick like a pogo stick, and bouncing is a talent he’s quite good at! When both reach climax they shoot their loads into each other’s asses!

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